ENGIE Kite Tour 2019 : La Grande Motte

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engie kite tour 2019

ENGIE Kite Tour 2019 : La Grande Motte The Engie Kite Tour was created in 2004 by the FFVL (French Federation of Free Flight). It is the meeting place of the best french kitesurfers today. The event represents the major competition to promote kitesurfing and its practice by the greatest number in France. For the […]


Kitesurfing 10 good reasons to start

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The Spotyteam exposes you the 10 good reasons to start kitesurfing ! There are any more reasons, indeed do not hesitate to share your ideas on #spotyourride đŸ€™đŸŒ Kitesurfing 10 good reasons. 1. Hands down Unlike what everyone thinks, kite surfing is quite easy to learn, much easier than sailing! There are just a few […]


Kitesurfing origins : between the sky and the sea

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Kitesurfing Spotymag

The Kitesurfing has long been practiced by « nuts people » It is now a sensational sport consumed by 8000 fans. Happy practitioners and happy destinations ! Indeed the sport attracts more and more people towards places. Goods news for tourism !  What are the origins of kitesurfing ? Who invented it ? End of questions, all the answers nowÂ đŸ‘‡đŸ» 2000 […]