Top 5 destinations for Kitesurfing lovers

For watersports lovers, the world is a huge and magnificent playground ! What feeling is more intense than packing your suitcase and board bag to fly to magical destinations ? Whether it’s to make you dream or to give you trip ideas, Spotyride has made a list of 5 sensational destinations for kitesurf lovers. 1 […]

10 reasons to try Foil

The Foil is a curved fin that is placed under a kitesurfing, wakesurfing, surfing, paddle or windsurfing board. Yes, it is the same board you saw flying over the water by the sea last summer! The hydrofoil is completely immersed under water and will, by its force, push the board to which it is attached. […]

Tips Voyage

Today we meet to give you some tips when traveling. First we will start with Thailand.  Here are some Thai words that will allow you to travel in peace: Farang is the term used to describe Western foreigners. Get used to it because this word will come back often during your trip. Farangset today is […]

Bethany Hamilton Rides Kelly Slater’s Wave

Bethany Hamilton is a legend of Surfing in the World. This surfer who lost an arm to a 14-foot tiger shark at only 13 years old in the waves of Kauai, Hawaii. Nothing stops the Surfer who got back on her surfboard one year after the accident. This determination has been a great inspiration for […]

Nona Adventure Park

Discover Nona Adventure park, opened recently, in the world’s watersports capital, Orlando, Florida. Kilometers of activities for the whole family, a restaurant and a proshop! 1 Union Aquapark While you try wakeboarding, your children, from 7 years old, can have fun on the Union Aquapark which offers more than 1000′ of endless fun. 1 Rixen […]

Alison’s Adventures | Maldives visit

Alison Teal is a female Indiana Jones, she was discovered during the show “Naked and Affraid” on Discovery Channel, filmed in the Maldives. Today, she travels the secrets of the world with her pink eco surfboard and returned to the Maldives for her video: “One Person’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Bikini”. She wants to open […]

What are the favorite spots of the IWWF Wakeboard World Champions?

The world’s riders went by team to the IWWF Wakeboard and Wakeskate Cable World Championships in Argentina to compete for the World Champions title ! After more than a week on the Pampa Cable Park spot, we wanted to ask them what they thought of the spot and what their favorite spots were. Today, we […]

A Canoe weekend on the French rivers

How about a canoe weekend? We have prepared a short list of 2-day trips to do on the French rivers, with the canoe spots online on Spotyride. The Dordogne  A route proposed by “Safaraid Dordogne”, from Vayrac to Saint Sozy and finally to Souillac. A hike open to all, from 6 years old (obligation to […]


Today we share with you a different topic than usual: Yoga 🤸🏻 Patagonia Yoga from Patagonia on Vimeo. A brief reminder about what yoga is : the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises, which aims to provide physical and mental well-being. There are several categories and each focuses on a specific aspect […]