Kitesurfing Home | Antoine Auriol

Kitesurfing Home By Antoine Auriol Kitesurfing Home , the Antoine Auriol last  vid Creation During this confinement period due to the # covid19  pandemic , Antoine Auriol, a pro on Sports , makes videos filmed in the main room of his apartment, staging either in the mountains, or as his last video in Kitesurfing on an […]

PLOOTA | Tomorrow’s security

Currently under development by a German company, Ploota is the first rescue collar for water activities. Every year, about 360,000 people die by drowning worldwide. Ploota is a very lightweight necklace that is worn around the neck. Autonomous, it detects emergency situations (prolonged immersion in water). In case of danger, the collar releases two C02 […]

Gift ideas for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day you want to please your daddy rider with a gift that matches his personality? Spotyride has prepared a short list of 10 gifts to tell that you love him: 1 – A beautiful knife The Deejo French brand offers customizable knives. Easy to use and adopt, tattoo it as a tattoo on […]


Coaching “Get ready to go back to the water” by Laureen Poulard – BPJEPS AF formation Is it necessary to be in shape to surf better ? Surfing can be a very challenging sport. When you surf, your cardiovascular and muscular systems are solicited. In surfing you have to work on endurance, explosiveness and proprioception. […]

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

May 26th is Mother’s Day in France! The opportunity to please all riding moms. So Spotyride helps you a little bit by giving you some ideas to show her your love: 1 – An inflatable paddle Inflatable paddle from Redwood Paddle The inflatable paddle is perfect to be able to practice anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s […]

10 Instagram accounts to follow absolutely!

Today Instagram has become THE social network that the public adores, which is used everywhere, by everyone and in all fields. Everyone likes to identify with influencers and follow their advice given. That’s why we’re coming back today with an article on the 10 Instagram accounts you absolutely must follow! You will not be able […]


Today we share with you a different topic than usual: Yoga 🤸🏻 Patagonia Yoga from Patagonia on Vimeo. A brief reminder about what yoga is : the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises, which aims to provide physical and mental well-being. There are several categories and each focuses on a specific aspect […]

Recycle your skateboards

Like any respectable rider, skateboards are piling up in our house…. in the garage, the bedroom and even the car… So we decided to give you some tips on how to do something with these boards that you’ll be proud of, hoping you’ll be a little handy. 1 – Shelves Easy and quick to make […]

Eco-friendly surfing

Eco-friendly surfing As you know, surfboards are made of polluting and dangerous materials for the planet. A 3 kg board generates about 6 kg of 100% non-recycled waste. This is why some brands wanted to offer you products that respect the planet in order to be able to practice your passion in a healthy way. […]

Recycle your old Neoprene wetsuits

Winter is coming, we have put the 3/2 mm wetsuits away in the closet to bring out the 5/4 mm! But what to do with your old Neoprene wetsuits with holes, too small…? As a matter of fact, your wetsuits are as recyclable as plastic bottles, so when you throw your suit in the garbage, […]