December, 19th | The Advent Calendar


Christmas is coming soon, it’s one of the last chances for you to win a gift before the great Advent Calendar Spotyride competition on December 24th.

Madsen is a watch brand created by passionate surfers, skiers, water sports and alpine enthusiasts. This watch follows you everywhere in the practice of these sports.

Madsen is a small family business and they attach great importance to exclusivity. Each watch is meticulously worked.

You can live your dream tonight on the world or on the water with the watch that will follow you everywhere. It is always moving at the same time as you, and knows what sport you are doing and so the watch will be able to follow you, like a second hand.

Try to win a Madsen watch by answering this question (in the form) :

What is Hawaii’s capital ?

December, 19th
The Advent Calendar

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