Innovation: Shoal floating tents

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Innovation: Shoal floating tents Shoal, the tent that allows you to sleep underwater. Here is the new innovation made by SmithFly. 70% of the earth is covered with water, now you camp on it! Go on a trip by canoe or paddle and stop sleeping under the stars. Here’s how it looks: At the level […]

Quadrofoil : when innovation get mixed up with environment

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Water sports is a highly innovative market. But this one deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it gathered all innovative criteria but also eco-friendly. A beautiful proof that a responsable behavior towards the environnement is on the way. Environnement that has allowed the water sports market to flourish, to democratize and to provide unique feeling to […]

All the Surf-Able Wave Pool on Earth

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World tour of Surf Wave Pool ! What do the world’s wave pools look like from space? Take a tour of every surf-able pool in the world. With help of Google Earth and terabytes of stock footage, we circumnavigated a virtual globe and looped each shreddy wave tub together in this special video edit. And […]

REDBULL | self-service surfboard system

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Self Service Innovation after Scooters ,Surfboards … Redbull buzzes in Brazil: This February 14th , Rio surfers in Brazil were able to discover an unusual activation, thought by Red Bull. Indeed, the brand has just unveiled the first service for sharing surfboards. A first in history, which is directly inspired by the many bikes and […]

Yuyo Surf, the 3D printing is On !

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Yuyo Surf Ever dreamed of printing your surfboard in 3D? Respectful of the environment ? This is now possible thanks for this innovation. Romain Paul is the bearer of this project. After many years working in advertising and web marketing he decided to devote himself to his passion and to create his company with Thibault […]

Porsche On Board Italia – the brand’s first water sports event

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Porsche On Board Italia, the new water sports initiative not to be missed! As you know, Porsche is a champion in sports. Golf, tennis, its breaking records ! But new year, new initiatives. From land to sea, here is the new ambition of the giant car manufacturer. With Porsche On Board Italia, the company hopes to […]

Kitesurfing 10 good reasons to start

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The Spotyteam exposes you the 10 good reasons to start kitesurfing ! There are any more reasons, indeed do not hesitate to share your ideas on #spotyourride 🤙🏼 Kitesurfing 10 good reasons. 1. Hands down Unlike what everyone thinks, kite surfing is quite easy to learn, much easier than sailing! There are just a few […]

PLOOTA | Tomorrow’s security

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Currently under development by a German company, Ploota is the first rescue collar for water activities. Every year, about 360,000 people die by drowning worldwide. Ploota is a very lightweight necklace that is worn around the neck. Autonomous, it detects emergency situations (prolonged immersion in water). In case of danger, the collar releases two C02 […]

Top 5 of the world’s best aquaparks

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Aquaparks, a revolutionary concept that has been invading water sports bases for a few years now! Inflatable structures installed in rivers, lakes or swimming pools. A fun activity, for all ages and practicable everywhere as long as there is water! Today, you can find aquaparks all over the world, on wakeparks, kite spots… But some […]