Lighting the Spirit | RedBull

RedBull photographer Michael Clark is approached by the photo equipment brand, Elinchrom, to test the new ELB1200. He directly thought of the kayakist Rafael Ortiz for magnificent action pictures. “Whitewater kayaking is a sport that requires fast shutter speeds to stop the motion of the kayaker and the water flying everywhere. Adventure, water, speed, technology, […]

Extrem Ironing

Extrem ironing : What is it? Extrem ironing is a mix of extreme sport and art performance. Extreme sports fans install an ironing board in an unfamiliar place, preferably dangerous and iron some clothes. It’s a high-risk sport that combines the thrills of extreme sport with the satisfaction of ironing your shirt. Extrem ironing is practiced […]

Tips Travel, Spain

Spanish! Simpler language to learn and to speak. Here are some words Basic expressions Hello / good night : Buenos días / Buenas tardes Have a good day : Buen día ! How are you : Cómo estas? Very well thank you and you ? : Muy bien, gracias, y usted? Do you speak French / English? : Habla [...]

Tips Travel, Bali

Today we meet to give you some tips when traveling. Second then we continue on the language used in Bali. Forms of courtesy Hello / Good evening / Welcome Hello (morning until 10 am) > Selamat pagi Hello (in the day from 10 to 15 hours) > Selamat siang Hello (in the day from 3 [...]

OKAHINA WAVE | Inspired by nature

Okahina Wave is a brand new generation of artificial waves that combines economic development with environmental respect. A quality wave, for all levels of Surf, Bodyboard, Skimboard… Inspired by the natural formation of the atolls, it is adaptable to any maritime or urban water body. OKAHINA promotes the diversity of the aquatic biotype, limits water […]


The Hover Glide Hydrofoil by Slingshot is 1 foil platform, all the skills, all the styles, all the conditions. It is a novelty for water sports, a product with the ability to bridge the gap between people, different passions and hobbies. 1 foil platform for 5 sports: Kite Foil (Hydrofoil with a kite); Surf Foil […]

The “Perfect” Infomercial For Cable Wakeboarding

And you, how do you explain what Cable Wakeboarding is around you? In a few years, wakeboarding has become more and more popular, but not enough for everyone to know this sport. Indeed, if you are wakeboarders, how many times have you had to explain to someone what this sport was? Water skiing? No boat? […]

When wakeboarders use Avoriaz 1800 as their playground | Wakestation

It is on the famous ski resort of Avoriaz 1800, that the company Wakestation (which designs portable two tower straight-line cable system) has installed its equipment for a new adventure ! Indeed, from April 4 to 6, the resort is organizing Spring Xperience, a unique week around the world of extreme sports. Unforgettable shows, concerts, […]

Top 5 destinations for Kitesurfing lovers

For watersports lovers, the world is a huge and magnificent playground ! What feeling is more intense than packing your suitcase and board bag to fly to magical destinations ? Whether it’s to make you dream or to give you trip ideas, Spotyride has made a list of 5 sensational destinations for kitesurf lovers. 1 […]

10 reasons to try Foil

The Foil is a curved fin that is placed under a kitesurfing, wakesurfing, surfing, paddle or windsurfing board. Yes, it is the same board you saw flying over the water by the sea last summer! The hydrofoil is completely immersed under water and will, by its force, push the board to which it is attached. […]