Tips Voyage, Italie

Nous re voila avec un nouvel épisode de Tips Voyage, et aujourd'hui nous allons voir quelques bases d'italien. Eh oui il faut se tenir près pour l'été, et nombreux d'entre vous souhaitent apprendre les bases de l'italien alors c'est parti ! Présentations : Je m’appelle : mi chiamo Je suis français : sono francese Bienvenu(e) : benvenuto (a) J’ai… ans : ho… anni Parlez-vous [...]

Quadrofoil : when innovation get mixed up with environment

Water sports is a highly innovative market. But this one deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it gathered all innovative criteria but also eco-friendly. A beautiful proof that a responsable behavior towards the environnement is on the way. Environnement that has allowed the water sports market to flourish, to democratize and to provide unique feeling to […]

Top 5 of the world’ best aquaparks

Aquaparks, a revolutionary concept that has been invading water sports bases for a few years now! Inflatable structures installed in rivers, lakes or swimming pools. A fun activity, for all ages and practicable everywhere as long as there is water! Today, you can find aquaparks all over the world, on wakeparks, kite spots… But some […]


It’s new, it’s huge and it’s American, the USA Water Sports Complex project is totally crazy ! From the floating stage to the huge wakepark “Elite Cable Park”, the project should look like a huge water sports temple! From the past to the future, from the first athletes to connected experiences…. This new spot should […]

Wavepools a revolution in the surfing world

What the development of wavepools will mean for the surf market ? Since the beginning of the 20th century when surfing appeared, it has become more than a sport but a way of life. We have seen many brands surfing on this sport’s values to develop their target. Indeed, today surfing is a way of […]


Hawaiian Kai Lenny never lacks inspiration for new riding techniques ! It was during a foil session that the famous multi-talented surfer had the idea of bringing a small sail with him to better catch the wind. Kai decided to call his invention Wing Surfing. For the little story :  In reality, this invention does […]

Lagoon Project, a new wavepool in the United Kingdom in 2022

To the delight of British surfers an artificial wave will settle in the city Bournemouth on the south coast, Lagoon Project. A $ 45 million project “based on the success of Surf Snowdonia” led by Matt Radford. A second artificial wave will settle in the country after The Wave in Bristol! Construction is expected to […]


Imagine not having to paddle anymore to catch a surf wave! Stab Magazine and Volcom created the solution with the floating dock company Candock. A 30-metre installation of floating cubes held by a boat offshore, to launch into the waves directly from the water. The Volcom team’s professional surfers : Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Ozzie […]

Tips Travel, Portuguese

Here's another episode of Tips Travel, Portuguese. And today we are looking at the basics of Portuguese. Here is a book that teaches you the basics of Portuguese. Learn Portuguese Shop the book HERE Find the article on travel tips in Spain on #Spotymag

TSURIGASAKI BEACH | 2020 Olympic Games

Located about 100 kilometres from Tokyo is Chiba province, which will host the surfing events of the 2020 Olympic Games. So indeed, no wave pool planned for this first year! The dates of July 24 to August 9, 2020 have therefore been defined to ensure favourable weather conditions for the competition. 40 competitors, 20 women […]