Porsche On Board Italia – the brand’s first water sports event

Porsche On Board Italia, the new water sports initiative not to be missed! As you know, Porsche is a champion in sports. Golf, tennis, its breaking records ! But new year, new initiatives. From land to sea, here is the new ambition of the giant car manufacturer. With Porsche On Board Italia, the company hopes to […]

Lakeside safety

Today we come back with an important topic to secure all his family by going on a holiday on a lake, and thus exercise watersports. Lakeside safety It is important to keep in mind the safety features when skiing, boating, wakeboarding and many other water activities. Here are some basics you should already know: Children […]

Kitesurfing 10 good reasons to start

The Spotyteam exposes you the 10 good reasons to start kitesurfing ! There are any more reasons, indeed do not hesitate to share your ideas on #spotyourride 🤙🏼 Kitesurfing 10 good reasons. 1. Hands down Unlike what everyone thinks, kite surfing is quite easy to learn, much easier than sailing! There are just a few […]

Top 10 water activities to do as a couple

Here are the top 10 nautical activities to do with your darling! Top 10 water activities to do as a couple To try absolutely! The Paddle More and more famous today, this sport can be shared at 2. It is a sport that is calm and perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. The goal ? Stand […]

Top 10 gourmet and healthy salads for this summer!

TOP 10 gourmet and healthy salads for this summer! We come back today with some of the most delicious recipes, whether fruity or not quick to make. All ingredients, from each recipe are made from a quantity of 4 people, which are of course readjusting according to your desires. TOP 10 gourmet and healthy salads [...]

Baby Water Ski

Baby water ski allows your child to experience his first sliding sensation from the age of 3. How does baby skiing work ? Through a side helm system attached to the boat, the child stays close to the instructor to start with confidence and safety. The child doesn’t need to be able to swim, he […]

Tips Voyage, Italie

Nous re voila avec un nouvel épisode de Tips Voyage, et aujourd'hui nous allons voir quelques bases d'italien. Eh oui il faut se tenir près pour l'été, et nombreux d'entre vous souhaitent apprendre les bases de l'italien alors c'est parti ! Présentations : Je m’appelle : mi chiamo Je suis français : sono francese Bienvenu(e) : benvenuto (a) J’ai… ans : ho… anni Parlez-vous [...]

Quadrofoil : when innovation get mixed up with environment

Water sports is a highly innovative market. But this one deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it gathered all innovative criteria but also eco-friendly. A beautiful proof that a responsable behavior towards the environnement is on the way. Environnement that has allowed the water sports market to flourish, to democratize and to provide unique feeling to […]

Top 5 of the world’s best aquaparks

Aquaparks, a revolutionary concept that has been invading water sports bases for a few years now! Inflatable structures installed in rivers, lakes or swimming pools. A fun activity, for all ages and practicable everywhere as long as there is water! Today, you can find aquaparks all over the world, on wakeparks, kite spots… But some […]


It’s new, it’s huge and it’s American, the USA Water Sports Complex project is totally crazy ! From the floating stage to the huge wakepark “Elite Cable Park”, the project should look like a huge water sports temple! From the past to the future, from the first athletes to connected experiences…. This new spot should […]