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Imagine not having to paddle anymore to catch a surf wave! Stab Magazine and Volcom created the solution with the floating dock company Candock. A 30-metre installation of floating cubes held by a boat offshore, to launch into the waves directly from the water. It is in Bali, on the beach of Keramas that the […]

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

May 26th is Mother’s Day in France! The opportunity to please all riding moms. So Spotyride helps you a little bit by giving you some ideas to show her your love: 1 – An inflatable paddle Inflatable paddle from Redwood Paddle The inflatable paddle is perfect to be able to practice anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s […]

Tips Travel, Portuguese

Here's another episode of Tips Travel, Portuguese. And today we are looking at the basics of Portuguese. Here is a book that teaches you the basics of Portuguese. Learn Portuguese Shop the book HERE Find the article on travel tips in Spain on #Spotymag

TSURIGASAKI BEACH | 2020 Olympic Games

Located about 100 kilometres from Tokyo is Chiba province, which will host the surfing events of the 2020 Olympic Games. So indeed, no wave pool planned for this first year! The dates of July 24 to August 9, 2020 have therefore been defined to ensure favourable weather conditions for the competition. 40 competitors, 20 women […]

Which board to choose for wavepools ?

Whether you are surfing natural waves or wavepools, you must choose a board that will be adapted to the type of waves you will be surfing. The waves in each of the world’s wave pools vary greatly from one pool to another. But some things have been noticed about the design of custom surfboards for wavepools. […]

Reunion Island Masters 2019

Photo : RB Imaz Press Reunion From Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 April 2019 was held the 2019 Reunion Island Masters, a water skiing competition that brought together the sport’s world elite. 2 days of water skiing competition on the shores of the Saint-Paul pond. Organized by the Saint-Paul ski club, on a 20-second course, […]

10 good reasons to go water sports

Water sports are more prevalent around the world today, from Surf, Wakeboard, Foil, Windsurf, Paddle and more. Everyone can practice anywhere in the world. Here are some reasons that could make you crack. The 10 good reasons to practice water sports in 2019 1: One can practice watersports everywhere and for certain sports, all the […]

Lighting the Spirit | RedBull

RedBull photographer Michael Clark is approached by the photo equipment brand, Elinchrom, to test the new ELB1200. He directly thought of the kayakist Rafael Ortiz for magnificent action pictures. “Whitewater kayaking is a sport that requires fast shutter speeds to stop the motion of the kayaker and the water flying everywhere. Adventure, water, speed, technology, […]

Extrem Ironing

Extrem ironing : What is it? Extrem ironing is a mix of extreme sport and art performance. Extreme sports fans install an ironing board in an unfamiliar place, preferably dangerous and iron some clothes. It’s a high-risk sport that combines the thrills of extreme sport with the satisfaction of ironing your shirt. Extrem ironing is practiced […]

Spotyride contest : Easter

We are organizing an Easter contest on Facebook and Instagram, from April 19 to April 24, 2019. Here is the contest rules below: Spotyride contest: Easter ARTICLE 1 – ORGANIZATION OF THE GAME Spotyride registered in the commercial and company register under number: 83844563300012 Head office at the Benjamin Franklin Roundabout – Cap Oméga / […]

10 Instagram accounts to follow absolutely!

Today Instagram has become THE social network that the public adores, which is used everywhere, by everyone and in all fields. Everyone likes to identify with influencers and follow their advice given. That’s why we’re coming back today with an article on the 10 Instagram accounts you absolutely must follow! You will not be able […]

Tips Travel, Spain

Spanish! Simpler language to learn and to speak. Here are some words Basic expressions Hello / good night : Buenos días / Buenas tardes Have a good day : Buen día ! How are you : Cómo estas? Very well thank you and you ? : Muy bien, gracias, y usted? Do you speak French / English? : Habla [...]

Tips Travel, Bali

Today we meet to give you some tips when traveling. Second then we continue on the language used in Bali. Forms of courtesy Hello / Good evening / Welcome Hello (morning until 10 am) > Selamat pagi Hello (in the day from 10 to 15 hours) > Selamat siang Hello (in the day from 3 [...]

OKAHINA WAVE | Inspired by nature

Okahina Wave is a brand new generation of artificial waves that combines economic development with environmental respect. A quality wave, for all levels of Surf, Bodyboard, Skimboard… Inspired by the natural formation of the atolls, it is adaptable to any maritime or urban water body. OKAHINA promotes the diversity of the aquatic biotype, limits water […]

2019 PWA Windsurf World Cup

This weekend was the first step of the 2019 PWA Windsurf World Cup ! It was France that welcomed this first stage, more precisely the spot of Jaï in Marignane. From April 17 to 22, the best windsurfers in the world competed in slalom and foil events. Men and women from more than 25 different countries […]


The Hover Glide Hydrofoil by Slingshot is 1 foil platform, all the skills, all the styles, all the conditions. It is a novelty for water sports, a product with the ability to bridge the gap between people, different passions and hobbies. 1 foil platform for 5 sports: Kite Foil (Hydrofoil with a kite); Surf Foil […]

The “Perfect” Infomercial For Cable Wakeboarding

And you, how do you explain what Cable Wakeboarding is around you? In a few years, wakeboarding has become more and more popular, but not enough for everyone to know this sport. Indeed, if you are wakeboarders, how many times have you had to explain to someone what this sport was? Water skiing? No boat? […]

When wakeboarders use Avoriaz 1800 as their playground | Wakestation

It is on the famous ski resort of Avoriaz 1800, that the company Wakestation (which designs portable two tower straight-line cable system) has installed its equipment for a new adventure ! Indeed, from April 4 to 6, the resort is organizing Spring Xperience, a unique week around the world of extreme sports. Unforgettable shows, concerts, […]


Antoine Auriol, world kitesurfing champion and ambassador of ecology, is a fan of extraordinary sessions! After his sessions in the heart of Manhattan (New York), in front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris), in the Retiro Park (Madrid), he is back for his new video “OCRE”. It is in France at Gargas in the Luberon, in […]


This winter, the Wesh Family embarked for South Africa, a paradise for windsurfing lovers ! Julien Taboulet and Caroline Barbeau Taboulet, both windsurfing professionals and accompanied by their children Alika, Kaili and Louise-Aina, flew for a month to this beautiful country, waiting for the Wesh Center Crew opening for the 2019 season. Windsurfing for Dad, […]

Top 5 destinations for Kitesurfing lovers

For watersports lovers, the world is a huge and magnificent playground ! What feeling is more intense than packing your suitcase and board bag to fly to magical destinations ? Whether it’s to make you dream or to give you trip ideas, Spotyride has made a list of 5 sensational destinations for kitesurf lovers. 1 […]

10 reasons to try Foil

The Foil is a curved fin that is placed under a kitesurfing, wakesurfing, surfing, paddle or windsurfing board. Yes, it is the same board you saw flying over the water by the sea last summer! The hydrofoil is completely immersed under water and will, by its force, push the board to which it is attached. […]

Tips Travel, Thailand

THAILAND Tips Voyage Today we meet to give you some tips when traveling. First we will start with Thailand.  Here are some Thai words that will allow you to travel in peace: Farang is the term used to describe Western foreigners. Get used to it because this word will come back often during your trip. [...]

Bethany Hamilton Rides Kelly Slater’s Wave

Bethany Hamilton is a legend of Surfing in the World. This surfer who lost an arm to a 14-foot tiger shark at only 13 years old in the waves of Kauai, Hawaii. Nothing stops the Surfer who got back on her surfboard one year after the accident. This determination has been a great inspiration for […]

Nona Adventure Park

Discover Nona Adventure park, opened recently, in the world’s watersports capital, Orlando, Florida. Kilometers of activities for the whole family, a restaurant and a proshop! 1 Union Aquapark While you try wakeboarding, your children, from 7 years old, can have fun on the Union Aquapark which offers more than 1000′ of endless fun. 1 Rixen […]

Alison’s Adventures | Maldives visit

Alison Teal is a female Indiana Jones, she was discovered during the show “Naked and Affraid” on Discovery Channel, filmed in the Maldives. Today, she travels the secrets of the world with her pink eco surfboard and returned to the Maldives for her video: “One Person’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Bikini”. She wants to open […]

What are the favorite spots of the IWWF Wakeboard World Champions?

The world’s riders went by team to the IWWF Wakeboard and Wakeskate Cable World Championships in Argentina to compete for the World Champions title ! After more than a week on the Pampa Cable Park spot, we wanted to ask them what they thought of the spot and what their favorite spots were. Today, we […]

A Canoe weekend on the French rivers

How about a canoe weekend? We have prepared a short list of 2-day trips to do on the French rivers, with the canoe spots online on Spotyride. The Dordogne  A route proposed by “Safaraid Dordogne”, from Vayrac to Saint Sozy and finally to Souillac. A hike open to all, from 6 years old (obligation to […]


Today we share with you a different topic than usual: Yoga 🤸🏻 Patagonia Yoga from Patagonia on Vimeo. A brief reminder about what yoga is : the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises, which aims to provide physical and mental well-being. There are several categories and each focuses on a specific aspect […]


For the fifth time, France will be hosting the ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship. From May 25 to June 2, it is on the Côte des Basques, in Biarritz, that some thirty teams from five continents, composed of two men and two women, are expected to compete for seven days. The waves of the Côte […]


Are you planning holidays in France? Don’t miss Extrem Ride Park and its activities for the whole family. Extrem Ride Park is the ultimate thrill-filled leisure base for a unique experience in Occitanie, France ! Only 15 minutes from Toulouse, it’s a spot with many activities for young and older, from 7 to 77 years […]

Recycle your skateboards

Like any respectable rider, skateboards are piling up in our house…. in the garage, the bedroom and even the car… So we decided to give you some tips on how to do something with these boards that you’ll be proud of, hoping you’ll be a little handy. 1 – Shelves Easy and quick to make […]

Road to Vegas for CES

That’s it soon is the big day for Spotyride! Our participation in Vegas CES is getting closer and closer! In 4 days we will be there. We have been selected by CTA (organizer of the CES) to participate in the first international trade fair of innovation and technology in the world. Stay connected because you […]

Happy New Year

The whole Spotyride team wishes you a Happy New Year 2019 ! #happynewyear2019 May this year be filled with happiness, success and health!  🎉 Sometimes people forget that every day is important in 365 days a year. So we wish you to realize all your dreams, to share with your loved ones. And to be […]

Eco-friendly surfing

Eco-friendly surfing As you know, surfboards are made of polluting and dangerous materials for the planet. A 3 kg board generates about 6 kg of 100% non-recycled waste. This is why some brands wanted to offer you products that respect the planet in order to be able to practice your passion in a healthy way. […]

Maxime Roux Pro Wakeboarder

Maxime Roux Pro Wakeboarder from France Maxime is 15 years old  french pro wakeboarder , member of the French wakeboard team his leitmotiv is riding everyday to be the best of the world … If you could have a session with anyone, who would it be? I already had the opportunity to ride with Daniel […]

December, 24th | The Advent Calendar

This is it, it’s Christmas, hoping we’ve successfully passed the time faster until today, so much awaited by everyone ! But the surprises of the Advent Calendar are not over yet ! Today it’s full of gifts to win for everyone in the Advent Calendar. Participate and leave with ION headphones, Spotyride bottles, Waterproof phone […]

December, 23th | The Advent Calendar

You’ve probably seen it before, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little snow! So today, discover Brian Grubb in the Advent Calendar on snowboard? Wakeskate???? Indeed, it was in a frozen river in Sarajevo that the legendary wakeskator was found. It was in the mountain of Bjelasnica, the ancient city that hosted the Olympics, that […]

December, 22th | The Advent Calendar

Christmas is fast approaching but we are trying to pass time faster with our Advent Calendar ! Christmas is also the release of all the bloopers of the year and we know how much it makes you laugh… maybe because you recognize yourself in it ? That’s why we found you a recap the best […]

December, 21th | The Advent Calendar

Doing sporting feats is good, but being able to watch them at home afterward is even better, isn’t it? So to accompany you in your Spotyride adventures, the Advent Calendar gives you the chance to win a camera that can follow you anywhere: on water, in the air, on land or in the snow! To […]

December, 20th | The Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar – Day 20 It is no secret that despite its benefits, the sun can be dangerous for the skin. Treat your loved ones while taking care of them by offering them cosmetics for extreme sports. Jeewin supports athletes in their activities BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the effort, even in extreme conditions, with its […]

December, 19th | The Advent Calendar

Christmas is coming soon, it’s one of the last chances for you to win a gift before the great Advent Calendar Spotyride competition on December 24th. Madsen is a watch brand created by passionate surfers, skiers, water sports and alpine enthusiasts. This watch follows you everywhere in the practice of these sports. Madsen is a […]

December, 18th | The Advent Calendar

To start this week off right with the Spotyride Advent Calendar, we thought of all those who haven’t yet bought the Christmas gifts! Don’t worry, we negotiated you a special price on the entire website of our partner, Unleashed Wake Magazine! T-shirts, watches, magazine subscriptions, caps, knives… Something to please your riders friends under the […]

December, 17th | The Advent Calendar

Today in the Advent calendar by Spotyride, we present you the 2019 foils from Slingshot Sports. Are you looking to surf everywhere? This video introduces you to the perfect wing and board combo for everyone, beginner or experienced. More videos from Slingshot Sports December, 17th The Advent Calendar What do you do with your old […]

December, 16th | The Advent Calendar

Today, we’re going to make you happy in the Advent Calendar! Play for a chance to win a £149.99 Escape 4K Action Camera Kitvision Camera! A camera especially for extreme sports enthusiasts. In its waterproof case (included), this camera can be carried up to a depth of 30 meters ! Jump into the action, hang […]

December, 15th | The Advent Calendar

Hello everyone, for the 15th day of the Advent Calendar we are making you win a gift ! Whether for winter on the ski slopes or in the sun on the beach, this gift will serve you: the waterproof phone covers by Spotyride. So try your luck to win yours and keep your phone safe […]

December, 14th | The Advent Calendar

Yes! Tomorrow is finally the weekend and only a few more days to wait before Christmas and its gifts! You have probably planned a holiday this winter? So with our partner Jeewin, we have a gift for you : a promotional code of -30% on the whole site with a TravelKit offered ! Enough to […]

December, 13th | The Advent Calendar

Happy December 13th to all with the Spotyride Advent Calendar! Ride Academy kitesurfing school by Seb Garat, multiple Freestyle Kitesurf World Champion. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, less than 30 minutes from the city of Montpellier. Come and learn, progress under his experienced guidance or even simply sail under supervision and on almost […]

December, 12th | The Advent Calendar

We are almost halfway through the Spotyride Advent Calendar…. For the occasion, we are happy to make you win a Bern Unlimited helmet. For you, to offer, start the 2019 season safely. This is the Macon H20 model, the perfect combination of comfort and technical protection. Ideal for wakeboarding in the cable park, kayaking or […]

December, 11th | The Advent Calendar

Today, a little culture in the Spotyride’s Advent Calendar. Head to Emerald Island, with Redbull to meet the pioneers of Surfing in Ireland. Discover the legend of Irish Surfing legend Barry Britton and his fellow traveller Conor Maguire. At 64, Barry Britton remembers his old memories and even says to the Redbull team: “I kinda […]

December, 10th | The Advent Calendar

Let’s start the week with a good news! With the Spotyride Advent calendar, enjoy a 20% off on the entire Unleashed Wakeboard Magazine website. T-shirts, caps, subscriptions to the French magazine, hats, knives, sensor watches… Visit the site now to take advantage of the discount and prepare your Christmas gifts ! Promo Code: SPOTYRIDE […]

December, 9th | The Advent Calendar

For the 9th day of the advent of Spotyride’s calendar, we take a break from the water but stay in extreme sports with the famous French skier Candide Thovex. Almost a year ago, the professional freestyler skied around the world, from the Chinese wall to the Asian rivers and a volcano. He faces all the […]

December, 8th | The Advent Calendar

It’s the weekend! And above all, it’s a new day with the Spotyride Advent Calendar… This winter, you will fly to sunny destinations or to the ski slopes. That’s why we thought of you, with our Calendar partner Jeewin, cosmetics for Extreme Sports ! Enjoy a 30% promotional code + 1 free Travelkit ! See […]

December, 7th | The Advent Calendar

For the end of the first week of the Spotyride Advent Calendar, we thought of all those who haven’t yet bought the Christmas gifts! Don’t worry, we negotiated you a special price on the entire website of our partner, Unleashed Wake Magazine! T-shirts, caps, subscriptions to the French magazine, hats, knives, sensor watches… Something to […]

December, 6th | The Advent Calendar

Only 19 days left before you open your Christmas gifts! Today, in the Spotyride’s Advent Calendar we present you the Liquid Leisure spot and more particularly their Ninja Warrior aquapark. You saw it on TV and you think you’re a Ninja Warrior too ? Before you go to face the huge challenges of the show, […]

December, 5th | The Advent Calendar

Today with the Spotyride‘s Advent Calendar try to win a waterproof cover for your smartphone. The cover will allow you to put your phone in the water wherever you go. To film or to take pictures. Without having to damage it. You want to go everywhere with your phone without damaging it and getting wet […]

December, 4th | The Advent Calendar

Happy December 4th to all with the Spotyride’s Advent Calendar ! Like every day, Spotyride has a surprise for you while waiting for Christmas… And it is with the best Fail Army water sports fails that we make you wait today. Enjoy and try not to laugh !!  From Fail Army “Whether skimboarding, water skiing, […]

December, 3th | The Advent Calendar

Today with the Spotyride Advent calendar, win a Woo Sports 2.0 sensor. Woo Sports is a tool that will allow you to measure your progress on the water, but also challenge riders from all over the world in kitesurfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Record your session, challenge other riders… all on the WOO Sports application for […]

December, 2 | The Advent Calendar

Happy December 2 to all with the Spotyride’s Advent Calendar ! Today we present you a surf school that is located in Bali. It will make you travel ✈️🌊 The club is located at Bali’s Prama Sanur Beach Hotel, the ideal place to access the calm lagoons and coral reefs along this stretch of Bali’s […]

5 Waves Surf Lakes | Australia

5 Waves Surf Lakes or the world’s artificial wave revolution! It was in Queensland that the Australians set up a brand new system of artificial multi-wave. 5 levels of waves are created simultaneously, from the smallest wave adapted to the beginner, to the perfect wave for the professional. 2400 waves per hour break on the […]

SPOTS | Get your passes for the 2018 Paris Boat show

From December saturday the 8th to sunday 16th Paris host the 2018 Paris boat show ! This year spotyride with unleashed wake mag give the opportunity to the spots owners to get some passes for the show Ask for my pass here SALON NAUTIQUE PARIS 2018 Venez découvrir toutes les nouveautés de votre milieu, innovations […]

Recycle your old Neoprene wetsuits

Winter is coming, we have put the 3/2 mm wetsuits away in the closet to bring out the 5/4 mm! But what to do with your old Neoprene wetsuits with holes, too small…? As a matter of fact, your wetsuits are as recyclable as plastic bottles, so when you throw your suit in the garbage, […]

Under an Arctic Sky, Netflix

If this weekend will also mean Netflix and Chill then we have what you need! When 6 surfers embark on a mind-blowing adventure in North Iceland to surf the waves they may be the only ones to take. Under an Arctic Sky, a documentary by Chris Burkard that we recommend by staying warm under the […]

APP IOS and ANDROID ready ! Let’s go Ride

APP IOS and ANDROID ready . You can now get your SPOTYRIDE APP under the Both Platforms IOS and Android , let’s Grab It